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Move Over Link Exchange....
From Deb at DividedHearts on 27 September '98
I've been playing with a little idea the past couple weeks for a friends web site and it's actually working...

The site was loaded with Link Exchange banners... my first response when viewing it was "What Are You Doing??"

Since going over the site with the owner we've been emailing other sites that have the same targeted audience and general information with a 'reality check' and an offer...

It works like this.

Find sites that are similar to your site and also are displaying Link Exchange banners and/or other Free Banner Exchange banners...
Plagiarize the heck out of this page http://deadlock.com/promote/promotion/banners.html or just offer them the link (if you plagiarize don't tell the fine owners of deadlock.com that you did this :P) Showing them how futile these free exchanges can be...
Offer them a better way:) Replace one or more of their LE banners with your banner and you will give them the same amt of space on your site for their banner...

I wasn't sure how well other sites would go for this or not till we tried it... amazingly enough I have my friends banner displayed nicely on other sites that we chose... and my friends site is now much cleaner with banners from these other sites displayed appropriately where it benefits the visitors and the owners of the other sites...

May not be as 'simple' as Link Exchange.. but it's just as free and way more efficient:)

Yours In Heart

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