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Re: How about classified ad?
From Max on 27 September '98
adding to Re: How about classified ad? posted by Hup

>I can't help think of another similar web site: free classified advs.
>Does selling our product through free or pay classified can ready make any sale?
If it is free, it has probably attracted every scammer and spammer
on the Internet ... scammers hoping to get rich with no work and spammers
scavenging email addresses of "businesses" to sell at a premium.
Look at the ad sites and ask yourself: "Would I advertise with
these businesses if I had to pay for it? Would MY target market pick up
a publication where these ads would normally be found? Would MY target market
walk into a store where these products are sold?"
If the only attraction is that it is free, skip it.

>I follow the intruction in your page, normally I spend a lot of time in the page
>which I am going to ask for link to find out what I can flatter.
>And follow your strategy, so far I got 80-90% successful rate (among >20 requests) :)

Yup ... shameless flatttery works on me too :)

The links a site makes are part of their "content", and if you can get
your links in front of your desired customer, you can eventually pick
up a lot of traffic.
Sometimes it means building a special-function pages. For
example, a travel site would make some pages on travellling with children,
and child-friendly resorts. THEN they go looking for places to get a link
to that content. They do the same with pets, wheelchairs, etc. By splitting
you services to cater to sub-markets, yu can legitimately grt more listings
and more links. Divide and conquer!

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