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Re: Move Over Link Exchange....
From Deb at DividedHearts on 27 September '98
adding to Re: Move Over Link Exchange.... posted by Hup

>I wonder how does moderated webring help a web site traffic?
>I believe high traffic site do not join webring(please correct me),
>and small site does not have enough hit to help our traffic...

>If you choose a moderated web ring, which kind of size will you choose? Big size(say, >200) or tiny(<20)?

I started a webring on DHearts.org freely and simply using http://www.webring.org

My ring currently has about 500 sites on it... and is generating a tremendous amount of hits to my site.... Via my webring I have a nice email list I can send out to also. is it worth it? That's for the site owner to decide really.... For me it was worth it not so much for promotional purposes but because I had something I wanted to spread the word about and stand up for and the webring was a way to do this..hmmm I guess that is for promotional reasons after all...

At the same time, it doesn't seem to matter how simple you make the 'rules' there are those who just 'don't get it'.. so it also generates quite a few "help me" emails in addition to the time it takes me to verify links that are requesting to be added..and checking up on links that are already on the ring to verify they are still there.

If you have the time... you can make a webring work to your advantage in many ways... if your webring grows to a large size and you are not keeping up with the sites on it, then it can become more of a pain and an eye sore then it's worth... I am currently toddling a fine line in the area... my time is short and my ring is beginning to grow quickly... I'm averaging about 60 requests a week to be added to the ring..with only 20 or so actually making it...and 10 or so sites a week falling off the ring... it's getting to be a tedious job that I am reconsidering.

As with anything.. it's a matter of your goals and the effort you put into making your resources work toward accomplishing them. What I do know is it never hurts to try:)

The sites that have joined my ring are averaging about 25 hits a week from the ring... so in many ways it seems that you could accomplish some extra hits by joining a ring or two just as well as you can by starting your own ring... joining a webring is much easier then starting one yourself.

Yours In Heart

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