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Re: Any suggestion for my web site?
From Deb at DividedHearts on 27 September '98
adding to Re: Any suggestion for my web site? posted by Hup

I gotta agree with Max.. the concept of your site when I first read it was right on target for something big... very big! Had I gone to the site and accomplished what I thought I would have accomplished I would've been not only happy, but also have bookmarked the site and requested permission to use your resource on a number of my other sites for which my Amazon Bookstores are doing well....

Unfortunatly I found myself a bit confused when I got there... I tried the search and got the same type of results that Max described...

I'm betting that if you add a lil more design and more descriptions/instructions on your home page it'll help a great deal! Max explained his problems..for which you were able to offer some suggestions/solutions to... maybe if you add many of the things you explained to Max onto your site that will help.

Yours In Heart

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