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Re: HotBot/Lycos
From Deb at DividedHearts on 27 September '98
adding to HotBot/Lycos posted by Becky

>I have submitted my site to HotBot and Lycos several times
>since the first of August and these 2 search engines have
>yet to index my site. Is it possible that I have somehow been
>blacklisted or is everyone having this problem?

heh your guess is as good as mine on this one. I submitted four separate sites manually to both of these engines a month ago... three of the four are showing correctly in HotBot... 2 of the four are showing correctly in Lycos... one of the sites I can't seem to get in either of them no matter what I do.... nor can I find any real difference in any of the four sites as far as coding... all of the sites are perfectly good sites, not adult only, and full of content..

Seems to be a lottery out there most of the time... I keep playing just for the heck of it... all of my sites receive the majority of their hits via links on other sites and word of mouth... though I get frustrated at the engines I can't seem to get into I try not to allow that to take valuable time away from catering the other mediums that I can get hits from.

Sorry for not having an answer but being verbose anyways *g*

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