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MAX: Re: 6 keywords??? I am confused...just need. . . .
From Bradley Blinn at Fundraising Bank on 27 September '98
adding to Re: 6 keywords??? I am confused...just need a simple reply posted by Max

>>**notice the use of the word "fundraising"**

>She's using it in a lot of keyword phrases, and
>has many LEGITIMATE repeats in her text.

>What's your URL ... I'm curious to see what your
>code looks like compared to hers.


I dont' know if you recall or not, but you said that I used tables way to much in my home page. I redesigned the page, and you can find the new page at:
http://members.aol.com/Fundraise/index.html Here is my delimma though - should I resubmit my site because of my drastic changes to the source code? Would that be considered spamming??

If you want to look at my new page that I am designing it can be found at: http://members.aol.com/Fundraise/index1.html (Ignore the fact that the links don't work and some of the graphics don't appear)

I am going to use this page when I launch my new domain name!!

Last question (and I posted this question in the bulletin board before):

Hypothetically speaking, what domain name should I by if both of these were available:


Basically I need to find out if the "-" is going to affect my search engine ranking.

Thank Max for your help.

Bradley Blinn

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