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Re: Could you please visit my web site again?
From Hup at AddAll search book and compare price on 28 September '98
adding to Re: Any suggestion for my web site? posted by Deb

First of all, I would like to thank Max and Deb, you use your time and give me your valued opinion.
If it confuse you, it should have confused other people.
I totally agree with you, it is a big problem.

I do some changing in my program. Since I don't be able to filter out
video and audio, may be I just show it to you.
Although it not working on every book, as some bookstore don't show the information of the the book, it should have some difference for you.

May I invite you to visit it again?

>I'm betting that if you add a lil more design and more descriptions/instructions on your home page it'll help a great deal! Max explained his problems..for which you were able to offer some suggestions/solutions to... maybe if you add many of the things you explained to Max onto your site that will help.

Ouch! Do you think what kind of design should I add?
I am a engineer, not a art designer. I am afraid my sense of art may be very different with you profession designer.
I will be more than happy if you could briefly tell me what/where should it be added.
(May be you should have found out, the web site don't have any picture at all)

Thank again.

>Yours In Heart

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