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Re: Spamming
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 16 July '98
adding to Re: Spamming posted by Eddie

the pipe line company isn't useing spam.....looks like by shear luck their web page (s) work perfectly with AV's algorythems.

the organic food site used, (sorry jim) the promotion artist to genegate that page...AV, I think is still allowing that type of paticular page to be indexed (my similar page comes up real good still too).

I'd just keep resubmitting that page every month or so. eventually the algorythems will change and the page will disapear.....or, e mail AV about it, put SPAM ALERT in the subject line....they may, or may not do anything.

if you do e mail AV, I'd be interested in their responce (if there's any).

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