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Re: Move Over Link Exchange....
From Max on 29 September '98
adding to Re: Move Over Link Exchange.... posted by Hup

>>You could also get a MODERATED web ring together, but reciprocal links between sites with content that
>>enhances the other site has always been a traffic builder (slow but powerful)
>I wonder how does moderated webring help a web site traffic?
I find ONE site on the ring, and rather than go back to the search
engines, I just start visiting the ring sites.

>I believe high traffic site do not join webring(please correct me),
>and small site does not have enough hit to help our traffic...
It's not the number of hits, it's the number of SERIOUSLY INTERESTED
visitors. By definition, people who visit sites on a webring are
interested in the topic, and more valuable as visitors than the
random visitor.

>If you choose a moderated web ring, which kind of size will you choose?
>Big size(say, >200) or tiny(<20)?
Go for quality and manageability ... if a webring gets too big, split it.

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