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Re: MAX: Re: 6 keywords??? I am confused...just need. . . .
From Max on 29 September '98
adding to MAX: Re: 6 keywords??? I am confused...just need. . . . posted by Bradley Blinn

>I dont' know if you recall or not, but you said that I used tables way to much in my home page. I redesigned the page, and you can find the new page at:

Now I remember it. You should put the words school, church, and fundraiser into your meta tags.
If I look for a "school fundraiser" (which I just got through discussing with a neighbor and that's what she called it, I wuold not
find your site.

Cramming ALT tags with keywords is not effective, and will eventually be penalized.

You still have a "baseball" page: lots of windup and shuffling and scratching
before you deliver the pitch.

Putting those H4s up top is not nearly so effective as leading with H1 and
an actual summary, but the structure at least gets your main idea closer to the
beginning of the file. How about dumpig the text with the H4, shrinking the
graphics and leading with the strong point: that first paragraph.

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