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Re: Search Engines.
From Max on 29 September '98
adding to Search Engines. posted by Jeremey

>I am wanting to know wich main search engines like to
>have the keywords without commas.

We haven't settled that question. I habitually use plain word strings (no commas)
and don't have any problems getting sites to show up on phrase and
word searches. Others use commas with similar success. I have not been able to
find any reliable sources pointing either way.

The only thing I can really warn you about:
If you use ANY commas to set off a phrase or phrases, you MUST use commas between the
single words in that META tag. As soon as the indexing routine hits a comma, it says
to itself, "This is a comma-delimited text string." and it splits the string at the commas.

"word word word word, multi-word phrase, multi-word phrase" = WRONG
because it will be treated like three phrases:
word word word word (one phrase)
multi-word phrase (another phrase)
multi-word phrase (another phrase)

"word, word, word, word, multi-word phrase, multi-word phrase" = CORRECT
because it will split into single and multiple word phrases.

"word word word word word word word word" = OK
Will be seen as space-delimited keywords

"word, word, word, word, word, word, word, word" = OK
Will be seen as single-word "phrases" and is functionally the same as the no-comma version.

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