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Re: Move Over Link Exchange....
From Deb at DividedHearts on 29 September '98
adding to Re: Move Over Link Exchange.... posted by Max

>Deb -
> Have you considered splitting the ring ... ?
> And ask for a helper or two from the sites in the ring?

Splitting up the ring is currently being considered...the catch is in getting the help... hehe the site has over 4000 pages on it...and a LOT of interactivity... so the help is always being offered..that's the good part... the hard part is in the fact that with a site such as DHearts, people tend to ummm well ummm 'change their minds' a LOT! (grinning big time) after all it is a site for ppl with multiple personalities:)

If can get people stable enough to actually put out the help they promise it's awesome! And we do have a couple of those, thank gawd! Unfortunatly not enough of them.

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