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Re: Spamming
From Max on 17 July '98
adding to Spamming posted by The Webster

>If you go to AltaVista and do a search for - pipeline companies - you will find a classic example of search engine spamming? Does anyone know how this company can get away with this tactic? Or is not considered spamming?

It's a combination of two things - an uncrowded niche market and using the two words "Pipeline Companies" in the
Header information ... although the HTML is not properly ocnstructed, they have the TITLE and the H1
repeating the keywords. In an uncrowded niche, that's enough.

Here's their source, with the brackets removed to avoid crashing the message:
HEAD>PIPELINE COMPANIESPIPELINE COMPANIESPIPELINE COMPANIESBut, within the first few lines of the pages, they repeat the words pipeline companies three times. If I were
promoting a competing service, I'd counter with VALID HTML, a META KEYWORD tag, and a page summary paragraph
right under the H1 that repeats the keywords in a beief summary of the page contents.

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