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From Darryl on 29 September '98
adding to Huh? posted by Laurel

>>To get the refer me to look write everytime you upload it to your server. It is best to cut it out of there and then make what ever changes to your web page and then paste it back in. For some reason it is very sensitive. Or you can do what I did and make it easier by using pop-up windows ...check out what I am talking about at http://www.fmtransmitter.com/index.htm

>Did you leave a key word out or something? I can't understand your response at all!

What I am trying to say....is when you cut and paste Jim's Referal script into your html and then go back and edit the same html ...the referal script gets all scrambled (at least it does for me) So, the problem this page is having (not seeing the "send button" or the Referal fields)can be corrected by cutting out old and pasting in new referal script. Everytime I make a change on a page with the referal script, I looks the same way. So this is how I fix it.

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