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Re: MAX: Re: 6 keywords??? I am confused...just need. . . .
From Bradley on 29 September '98
adding to Re: MAX: Re: 6 keywords??? I am confused...just need. . . . posted by Max

One last thing.....which page did you look at?

I have one page at: http://members.aol.com/Fundraise/index.html
and the other page is at:
I have one page at: http://members.aol.com/Fundraise/index1.html (notice the number "1" after the word "index")

>>I dont' know if you recall or not, but you said that I used tables way to much in my home page. I redesigned the page, and you can find the new page at:

>Now I remember it. You should put the words school, church, and fundraiser into your meta tags.
>If I look for a "school fundraiser" (which I just got through discussing with a neighbor and that's what she called it, I wuold not
>find your site.

>Cramming ALT tags with keywords is not effective, and will eventually be penalized.

>You still have a "baseball" page: lots of windup and shuffling and scratching
>before you deliver the pitch.

>Putting those H4s up top is not nearly so effective as leading with H1 and
>an actual summary, but the structure at least gets your main idea closer to the
>beginning of the file. How about dumpig the text with the H4, shrinking the
>graphics and leading with the strong point: that first paragraph.

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