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Re: Website statistics
From Darryl on 30 September '98
adding to Website statistics posted by Stephan Snoek

>Can anyone please share information on his/her experience with website statistics programs. (You know those programs that mesure the amount of traffic on your site.) I would like to know wich programs are out there, wich are good and wich I should avoid.

>Thank you.

I would recomend you try a service like www.thecounter.com . Go there ...sign up and then cut and paste the html code they give you in the page you want to track (you can do multiple pages). It is a free service. By using this service, it will help you understand how important statistics are for you. In other words if you want more detail, you will be better educated to your needs and when or if you want to purchase a program like webtrends you will know more. They have a nice looking counter that you can turn on or off from their web page.Like most free counter services they don't require you to have small banner on your page. They make there money from sponsors on their page. They are one of the best out there.
Hope this helps

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