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Re: I think I have been Cache'd
From Deb at SUSOGI.net on 30 September '98
adding to I think I have been Cache'd posted by Tim Stockton

>In my log files this morning i noticed the below, which i pasted for you pro's to take a look at
>Is there anyway to interpet anything meaninful out of this, other than some computer is caching my files correct?

Taken from the SkyCache Web site...

SkyCache uses satellite broadcast technology to constantly load the most often requested Internet web objects and Usenet News directly into customer-side servers. In addition, SkyCache uses cache reporting statistics from customers to build a large cache community for the reactive caching component of the service.

With SkyCache, ISPs and Enterprises can maximize bandwidth utilization of present Internet connectivity, adding on more users for the same amount of existing bandwidth. End users reap faster response times since the most commonly requested web pages are constantly being delivered directly into the local web cache servers without having to use existing bandwidth.

This is me guessing on the fly here but it looks like the do the same thing we often see on the big boys like AOL...

I've my own opinions about the goods and bads of ISPs the 'the cache the web' but I'll refrain:)


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