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Excite's Tech Support Response...
From Tanya Marks at Excite on 30 September '98
adding to I guess Excite is committing suicide... posted by Karen

Up until about three weeks ago, our spider was having trouble indexing sites that are being hosted
at virtual domains. Our engineering team has created a fix for this, so
there should not be a problem. If any of you are still having trouble getting your
top-level sites indexed, and are using a virtual domain, please send your
response to the Excite Technical Support Team at the following URL:


We do apologize for any inconvenience involving this situation.


Tanya Marks

>Follow up to my previous post.... The rumors are true or the tech support reps are giving out some serious misinformation. I wrote Excite about the rumors concerning them not indexing virtual domains. Below is the exact response I received from Excited pasted here directly from the email. The only thing I changed was I blanks out my email address (so I won't get spammed).

>I am the webmaster for serveral sites on the net. All of them are virtually hosted. The account in question is hosted with Concentric Network with their own domain, but Concentric does not use static IP addresses. Currently one of my clients with Concentric is listed with Excite and the other is not (was dropped this week). Perhaps it is because they have not entirely updated the their index to get around to dropping the other site as well.

>So if your site has been dropped from Excite this is probably why it is happening. To check to see if your domain has its own static IP address go to the MS DOS prompt while connected to the Internet and type in tracert yourdomain.com If you do this a couple of times and your ip address changes each time, then your site is virtually hosted.

>So to be listed with Excite any time in the near future does this mean my clients have to switch web hosts???

>Date: 8/18/98 9:06:45 PM Central Daylight Time
>From: network.support@excite.com (Excite Customer Support)
>Reply-to: network.support@excite.com (Excite Customer Support)
>To: xxxxxxx

>Hi Karen,

>Thanks for contacting Excite.

>I am sorry for the problems that you have been experiencing with our
>indexing system. At this time we are aware that our current indexing
>system will not support virtual domains, however, we are researching
>alternatives to our current system. As it stands right now we will only index sites that have a unique IP address, therefore virtual domain technology will not allow us to index virtual domains such as your site. We have had this system for quite some time but due to increased virtual domain hosting there are now reasons to re-evaluate our position. The unfortunate aspect to this situation is the cost and time involved in the change to the system. It would incorporate much more hardware and architectural redesign to accomplish such a feat. With those two stumbling blocks it is obviously not going to be a quick fix, it has to be done thoroughly and without failure.

>We hope that our evaluation will produce a new system that will satisfy all parties involved. At this point we can only ask for your patience as we try to improve upon our service.

>If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to write

>Thanks Again,
>Tanya Marks
>Technical Support Engineer
>Excite, Inc.

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