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Re: Need to hire expert...NOT
From Steve MacLellan at Dog Byte Classifieds on 01 October '98
adding to Need to hire expert posted by Barry

>Since I'm basically incompetent in these matters, and cannot follow all the ins and outs, I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for someone to take my website and do whatever it is that has to be done to get us listed higher with all the search engines. Would this also entail me resubmitting (and paying) these search engines, or do the changes automatically take effect an d regulate position? As I said, I suck at this. Please let me knoiw if your particular talents run in this area and could get us really good position for most of the engines. Our site is www.graffiticontrol.com. Thanks. Please email your responses.


Hi Barry,

I believe the three places Max is talking about is in the URL, Title and the
proper use of Meta tags.

I had about 27,000 hits last month, just breaking 20,000 this month.
If your products are good, your ad copy is GOOD...how many hits
do you need?

Out of the hits I have received, about 6% of them came from search
engines, and then only the MAJOR ones, although I am listed at over a
thousand places...mostly hand submitted by me.

There is way TOO much importance placed on being listed with search
engines. This is NOT the way to drive traffic to your site.

I might get flamed for this, but to help you out I would like to include
an article here that was published in the FREE newsletter I send out
every week. Here it is:


Most business web sites want to SELL you something.
The way this information is delivered could be turning
prospects away. What do you have on your web site besides

A general "rule of thumb" is that a person who may be
interested in your goods or services has to see your
advertisement seven times before they will act. Have you thought
of ways to bring visitors back to your site? If you are ONLY
selling, and they are not interested while they are visiting
what are the chances they will come back when they are ready
to buy?

You need FREE content and a THEME. Your web site should
be 80% free and 20% sell.

THEME web sites or "portals" are one way in which the
small entrepreneur can compete with larger companies. For
example, if you are selling a multi-purpose gardening tool
you might consider offering FREE information. I don't mean
free information about the product you're selling, but free
information relating to the product.

You could include FREE reports on different methods
of fertilizing the soil. Reports, or articles on the different
types of soils, and why some plants are better suited for a
particular kind. There might be some articles about different
types of bugs these plants might attract and how to eliminate
this problem. On another page you might include links to web
sites that sell plants, fertilizer, bug sprays etc...

Your web site should offer a FREE e-zine; a method you
can use to keep in contact with customers and prospects. You
could also offer a bulletin board where folks can discuss
subjects related to gardening.

The more information you can offer, the better chance
you will have of attracting repeat visitors. If you're selling
a gardening tool, then take the time to make your site a
"complete gardening guide". Make your site ALL ABOUT GARDENING.

To increase hits to your web site find strategic linking
partners whose sites will complement but not compete with yours.
Also promote your site as "The Complete Gardener". Folks who
are interested in gardening will be attracted to your site for
the valuable information and activities you provide. Many
visitors may NOT be interested in your tool, but sharing the
resources you have to offer with other like minded individuals
may bring people to your web site who ARE interested in your

While a theme web site will increase your sales, it
won't do alot for other unrelated products you might have for
sale. It's hard to imagine someone who is interested in gardening
coming to your site to join you in a MLM business you are in
or buying your "word processing skills".

You need to focus a "theme web site" on exactly that.
It's hard for a small entrepreneur to compete with Wal Mart
and offer everything you can imagine for sale. Truth is, there
are enough places on the web like that now.

Folks who are interested in bargains and buying an
assortment of stuff WILL go to places like Wal Mart. The folks
you attract to your "theme web site" will be your "target
market" and if your product or service is unique you have a
good chance of making the sale. Other things you might include
for sale on a web site like that would be related items or


Let's not kid ourselves. The way to increase YOUR hits is by learning
and studying HOW TO market, both YOURSELF, and YOUR service.
For questions and comments related to marketing you can post
to my discussion board which is JUST for marketing discussion.

Steve MacLellan

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