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Re: Get the Skimpy
From Steve MacLellan at Dog Byte Classifieds on 01 October '98
adding to Getting slammed by search engines? posted by michael

>I took the advice offered in this site and posted the URL's of some of my competetors' lame pages. What I mean by lame is, some of these pages hadn't been indexed since `96 and they had blatantly spammed text in their METAs and body text.

>My question is: since I submitted these URL's, I noticed that I actually dropped quite a few notches while some of my 'neighbors' remained virtually untouched in Alta Vista. Do certain search engines now have the capability of somehow sussing out WHO submits what and then penalizing a nearby neighbor if the domain name on an e-mail matches up to a nearby URL? I know this sounds totally whacked and maybe I'm just feeling overly paranoid, but I thought I'd ask.


Hi Michael,

Go to each of the 7 MAJOR search engines and type in the KEYWORDS that
you would like others to use to find YOUR home page. Examine the top 10
returned in each engine, pay attention to what is in the URL, the TITLE
and the BODY. Check for Meta tag information when using Alta Vista
and Infoseek.

Copy their success by using "SPLASH" pages. What's a "SPLASH" page?

OK,...I'm going to post another article here tonight from my weekly
FREE e-zine. I expect I'll be invited not to come back. Here it is:

Creating "Splash" Pages

The study of search engines and how to get your site
listed at the top is an on-going, never ending discussion.
There have been reports, bought, sold, and traded, and there
is always plenty of in depth reports available on-line you
can spend hours studying.

Excuse me! Lets cut to the chase. It's clearly an
issue of black and white. Either a technique works or it
doesn't. What works on one search engine, doesn't mean it
will be effective with another.

An associate was asking for my advice on search
engines. I don't claim to have any great expertise about the
matter. So my general rule of thumb applies here. Copy Success.
The advice I gave him resulted in his web site being listed
in the top 10, however, further optimizing for other search
engines took him out of the top 10.

Before we apply our rule of thumb let's take a look
at a few basic rules. Once you've learned the rules, then
you're free to break them and use what ever works. But when
analyzing someone else's placement in the search engines, it's
a good idea to know what to look for.

The first one is the URL itself. Is there any information
in the URL that could be considered as a criteria for a
particular engine? Suppose we were looking for cottages. One
of the top ten URL's that came up in a search is:

From this example it is easy to see that perhaps
information in the URL did indeed increase the chance of
having this site listed near the top.

The second one we need to look at is the Title of
the page. Does the title reflect some of the information for
which we searched?

The third one is: keywords, found in the Body of the

It may me a good idea to assume that when you are
creating webpages, to place keywords and information in the
URL, Title, and Body.

A few of the search engines seek information contained
in META tags. Meta tags are placed inside of your
element. If you are not using Meta tags, you are seriously
hampering your chances of getting listed near the top with
Alta Vista, and Infoseek. If you don't know what Meta tags
are here is a quick example of what I've used for MacLellans

...when you find MacLellans Cottages on Infoseek, the description
I've used in the Meta tag, is what is displayed on the returned

Create individual "front pages" by copying what works for the
10 top search engines, and promote THAT page to the search

You can also take advantage of FREE web space, where available
to use in this manner too. Of course these pages just lead
to your main site.

Hope this helps,
Steve MacLellan

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