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Re: NOT..a flame here
From Deb at DividedHearts on 01 October '98
adding to Re: Need to hire expert...NOT posted by Steve MacLellan

>There is way TOO much importance placed on being listed with search
>engines. This is NOT the way to drive traffic to your site.

>I might get flamed for this, but to help you out I would like to include
>an article here that was published in the FREE newsletter I send out
>every week. Here it is:


>Let's not kid ourselves. The way to increase YOUR hits is by learning
>and studying HOW TO market, both YOURSELF, and YOUR service.
>For questions and comments related to marketing you can post
>to my discussion board which is JUST for marketing discussion.

I doubt anyone around here would argue with you about content, CONTENT, CONTENT!!!

It's by far the biggest way to get something done, and done right... I've found deadlock to be a site that stresses that... at the same time not forgetting the search engines and the SKILL, TIME, & EDUCATION along with a lot of luck to make the search engines work in your favor. Yet at no time do I see anyone here saying... if you are number one in YAHOO! your work is complete...hehehe not even close!

I recall articles about reasons to add mailing lists, message forums, free stuff, and CONTENT that contains USEFUL information all over this site.. in addition to many other mediums...

Jim's written over and over again that doing a free 4 all links page isn't the key... but emailing individuals that are targeted about your site and what it can offer them and how it may help THEIR site, after you have visited their site and can offer a personal touch, being a huge help.

I guess all I have to say in my 'verbose ways' is .. I take a lil bit of an insult at you assuming the deadlock site is here only to promote and charge for search engine listings... yet agree with you totally about the importance of the many other areas of promoting a site...

I like your post Steve..and agree totally with everything except the 'virtual slam' at deadlock...not sure if it was intended or just the late hour after a long day that causes me to see it that way..but had to speak my ten cents about it:)

I'll be sure to check out your forums...they sound like something I'd be interested in.

Yours In Heart

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