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Re: NOT..a flame here
From Steve MacLellan at Dog Byte Classifieds on 01 October '98
adding to Re: NOT..a flame here posted by Deb

Hi, Deb,

>I guess all I have to say in my 'verbose ways' is .. I take a lil bit of an insult at you assuming the deadlock site is here only to promote and charge for search engine listings... yet agree with you totally about the importance of the many other areas of promoting a site...

>I like your post Steve..and agree totally with everything except the 'virtual slam' at deadlock...not sure if it was intended or just the late hour after a long day that causes me to see it that way..but had to speak my ten cents about it:)

>I'll be sure to check out your forums...they sound like something I'd be interested in.

>Yours In Heart

Please accpet my humble apologies for offending you. It was NOT my
intention to "slam" this board or anyone here.

Steve MacLellan

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