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Did I REALLY miss?
From Steve MacLellan at Dog Byte Enterprises on 01 October '98
adding to Re: Need to hire expert...NOT posted by Max

>>I believe the three places Max is talking about is in the URL, Title and the
>>proper use of Meta tags.

>No, it was not.

>>Out of the hits I have received, about 6% of them came from search
>>engines, and then only the MAJOR ones, although I am listed at over a
>>thousand places...mostly hand submitted by me.
>>There is way TOO much importance placed on being listed with search
>>engines. This is NOT the way to drive traffic to your site.

> In Barry's case, the "big Eight" is the place to be. You and he are
>in entirely different businesses, and his is a less crowded arena,
>with more intensly motivated searchers.

>> You need FREE content and a THEME. Your web site should
>> be 80% free and 20% sell.

> Again - you and Barry are occupying different business styles.
>I suggest you actually visit a site before promoting your methods,
>because one-size-fits-all advice can be dangerous.

No doubt good advice, but I wouldn't be entirely convinced that a "THEME"
site wouldn't apply in this case as well. Please let me explain.

Assuming this is a LESS competitive market, that is not to say that there isn't
other places on the web that offer the exact same thing. Knowing the
rate at which large companies make decisions, it would be a good idea
for Barry's company to give the potential customer a reason to bookmark
his site. This is assuming that the potential customer is NOT ready
to hire some one the day they view Barry's web site.

Many marketers on the web today feel that the same "rule of thumb" applies
to web advertising as print advertising. That a customer may see your
ad up to seven times before acting on it. If and I say if, this is true,
than don't you think it would be a good idea to give potential
customers a reason to come back?

So how would I apply this concept here?

Companies that would hire Barry's service are obviously interested
in maintaing a clean enviroment. They probably apply this to other
areas besides their out side walls.

This site could include articles about methods of keeping weeds
from growing between concrete slabs/sidewalks, in front of the
building. Methods that are effective and enviromentally friendly.

Perhaps articles pertaining to cleaning walls on the inside of the building as well.
No...not all companies leave that work to be contracted out. Some
places such as labs have their employess clean the rooms and they
measure the particle levels of dust with meters.

With a lot of FREE and useful content, than Barry could set up "strategic
linking alliances" with other companies and businesses that offer a
similar but non-competitive service.

It's one thing to sell someone on the service, but Barry must also concentrate
on SELLING his web site to his target market too. I really don't think
one could go wrong with a monthly e-zine either. Keeps you fresh in the
mind of your prospects.

I would really like to here Barry's comments on this idea. Perhaps
you are right Max, and I've "MISSED the boat" completely.

Steve MacLellan

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