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Re: E-mail campaigns to generate interest/traffic
From Sandi on 08 October '98
adding to Re: E-mail campaigns to generate interest/traffic posted by Sandi

>>> Check with Yahoo for mailing lists ... postmasterdirect.com is one
>>>site that collects email addresses from persons who are interested in a certain
>>>subject enough to want email about it.

>>Yeah, postmasterdirect is the broker I'm going through. They seemed very well screened and with the consideration that it's all opt-in, seems like a cool deal. Thanks for your input here. I'll let you know how things go in this regard.


I have searched through several resources for opt-in email rental and only found a few viable options. I have found a decent margin of success by renting or buying space in email newsletters of sites with a niche focus. Sites are starting to collect emails and rent them with the consent of their membership(still not alot, but they do exist). If the email is focused to the audience and to the point in length with links to a site for more information, people do click through. We didn't sell alot of product on special, but we doubled our own email newsletter subsribership within 1 week of the drop. Now those people will be updated every month with our new products.

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