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Re: Max, I'm pondering your hypotheses on Heading tags.
From Max on 19 July '98
adding to Max, I'm pondering your hypotheses on Heading tags. posted by Nicholas

>Allowing that your research is incomplete: do you think that
>Heading tags add weight to the document as a whole, or at the
>expense of things like titles and descriptions. That is, does using
>a lot of headings make my titles weaker?

A LOT of headings might dilute the effect of the HEADINGS (it's not something I am testing)
but shouldn't dilute the impact of proper TITLE and KEYWORD use. I habitually use standard
SGML structure and the pages show up right where I expect them to.

TITLE (in the head)
H1 (repeats a couple of the essential keywords)
intro paragraph/overview of the page
H2 (repeats the relevant keyword for the detail)
detail one (one or more paragraphs)
detail two


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