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Re: The question that most concerns me is...
From Max on 20 July '98
adding to Re: The question that most concerns me is... posted by Pat Escalante

>I don't want to see "Granny's antique Cookie recipes"
>being unable to be found and accessed because not everyone
>shares a passion for old recipes. Is this an unrealistic
>fear on my part?

I think so. The small, unique sites have several advantages on the Internet. As long as granny uses reasonable decent page design, with
appropriate keywords and description, she'll do well.

1. They are not in a crowded niche, so they show up within the first few pages. looking for antique cookie recipes
should plop Granny right on top ... I ignore Amazon's inane "look for books on antique cookies" come-on and skip the
"real names" ad because I can see the DESCRIPTION of grannie's site in the number 5 slot, and it says "Cookie recipes from 1400-1930" and
I'm in the mood to cook (we CAN pretend!)
2. they usually have excellent content because of its rarity.
3. their fans are more prone to link to them from their own pages.

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