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Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?)
From Bob at Maui Vacation Rentals Network on 22 July '98
adding to Site Promotion Software (for Macs?) posted by Ethan

>I am wondering if someone knows of any decent site promotion
>software for the Mac platform. I have tried 'www.Sitepromoter',
>and found that it is neither efficient nor very reliable. We do
>offer promotion to many clients, as well as promoting our own domains.

>If there is nothing available for a Mac, then does anyone have an
>opinion on good site prom. software for a wintel machine?

Well, the guy who operates this forum(Jim) sells site promotion software. From the looks of this site I'd say he knows what he is doing. I'd give his stuff a try. I also use Mac so I can't use it, but I'm about to get a PC so I'll pick up a copy.

On the subject of site promotion in general. I only submit sites and pages to Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Excite,Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler and Yahoo. I operate under the assumption that these major search engines cover about 90% of all searches(anybody?).

For seven search engines I don't need automated submission software.

I use a good text editor , BBedit, and do the keywording and page preperation by hand. I really don't believe any program will be able to keyword as well as a reasonably intelligent person who understands the intended audience for a website and how to prepare the site to attract that audience.

Once I've prepared the site the actual submission process usually takes me less than 2 minutes(except Yahoo which can take up to six months).

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