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Re: Web Rings
From Joe on 09 July '98
adding to Web Rings posted by Max

>They are ubiquitous! Who is using them, and what effect have they had
>on your traffic?

>One of my concerns is that unless the ring has some sort of quality control,
>you could be handing some of your visitors off to trashy sites. They are not
>a replacement for carefully selected reciprocal links.

Yes, they do send you traffic I once had a music site that had them, but there are a few tricks to using them...
1) Sign up for MANY POPULAR webrings just one little ring won't do much good, but several big ones will.
2) Don't clutter up your main page with rings. Create a separate page with a little link that says "my webrings".
3) There is a mildly-secret page that will give you stats for each ring, but you will have to dig for it.

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