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Re: Multiple questions
From Laurel at Excel Translations on 22 July '98
adding to Multiple questions posted by Tania McPherson

>When I send e-mail to people NOT on AOL, they get it full of crap at the end. When I receive e-mail from other people NOT on AOL, it's full of crap at the end. How can I at least eliminate the crap on outgoing e-mails?

All that crap at the end is the path the e-mail took to get there. There's no way to get rid of it.

>Why is it that once in a while when I click on a link, a web page opens up, then another one opens on top of it without me clicking on anything? It happens with the Geocities pages a lot.

Geocities offers free web hosting, so to make up for that, whenever you access a Geocities page, a little ad comes up in a separate box. That's how they make money.

>Can I use a different browser besides Microsoft Internet Explorer even though I use AOL? If so, how?

Yes, for pete's sake, get Netscape!

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