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Re: WWW Yellow Pages
From David Grant at Cornwall Calling on 22 July '98
adding to WWW Yellow Pages posted by Laurel

>Anybody got any idea what's up with the WWW Yellow Pages (www.mcp.com/directories)? I've been trying to get them to update my listing for weeks, and haven't gotten so much as a peep out of them. I'm beginning to wonder if anybody's even there, or if they've just deserted the site.

>Are they important at all? Should I even worry about my listing with them? The only reason I'm even bothering with them now is because they're included with the engines on WebPosition.

I have the same problem - I am ashamed to say for the same reason!

However for some strange reason every so often they do index one of my sites. I am afraid you just have to keep submitting.

En passant I would say I have not been able to get a new listing with Northern Light (I try for the same reason - it offends me that I do not get a clean sweep on Web Position reports!)


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