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Re: Shopping Carts, etc.
From Nick at Professional Actors Workshop on 23 July '98
adding to Re: Shopping Carts, etc. posted by shopping carts are 50 to 129 a month period

I am developing a shopping cart that does a lot more then just those things... and I'm not even going to ask $250 for them

>>>There are two types of shopping carts:

>>>a) The simple, single-page forms that calculate
>>>totals for a small number of items. These are
>>>usually free scripts like the one Nitish is talking

>>>b) Proper, dynamic carts for large numbers of
>>>items. You know the ones where you surf around
>>>the site and click a button to add an item to
>>>your cart, then go to the checkout at the end
>>>to place your order. These usually cost upwards
>>>of $1,000

>>Actually, I have a programmer that works for me who does them at about $60/hr. He would probably ask for $600 at most.

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