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Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?)
From Max on 23 July '98
adding to Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?) posted by Bob

>On the subject of site promotion in general. I only submit sites and pages to Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Excite,Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler and Yahoo. I operate under the assumption that these major search engines cover about 90% of all searches(anybody?).

If you are promoting a specialty site, it's worth it to
look for a specialized search service. For example, there
is one search service that only does airplane-related sites.
Although it's normally useless, if I were promoting a resort
with a landing strip, or a seller of airplane parts, it would
be worth submitting to or asking for banner ads on.
Most of the submission software just hurls submissions at
all the engines it knows about, to the annoyance of those
who run the engine and have to weed out the robo-submitted
crap from the good stuff (like the sites we promote).

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