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Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?)
From Ethan at bostondine.com on 23 July '98
adding to Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?) posted by Bob

>>I am wondering if someone knows of any decent site promotion
>>software for the Mac platform. I have tried 'www.Sitepromoter',
>>and found that it is neither efficient nor very reliable. We do
>>offer promotion to many clients, as well as promoting our own domains.

>>If there is nothing available for a Mac, then does anyone have an
>>opinion on good site prom. software for a wintel machine?

>Well, the guy who operates this forum(Jim) sells site promotion software. From the looks of this site I'd say he knows what he is doing. I'd give his stuff a try. I also use Mac so I can't use it, but I'm about to get a PC so I'll pick up a copy.

>On the subject of site promotion in general. I only submit sites and pages to Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Excite,Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler and Yahoo. I operate under the assumption that these major search engines cover about 90% of all searches(anybody?).

>For seven search engines I don't need automated submission software.

>I use a good text editor , BBedit, and do the keywording and page preperation by hand. I really don't believe any program will be able to keyword as well as a reasonably intelligent person who understands the intended audience for a website and how to prepare the site to attract that audience.

>Once I've prepared the site the actual submission process usually takes me less than 2 minutes(except Yahoo which can take up to six months).

Bob, Thanks for the advice.I just read up on The Artist software,
and am about to dload the demo. -Is this the promotion software formerly
known as The Spider? he he...

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