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Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?)
From Ethan at bostondine.com on 23 July '98
adding to Re: Site Promotion Software (for Macs?) posted by Max

>>On the subject of site promotion in general. I only submit sites and pages to Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Excite,Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler and Yahoo. I operate under the assumption that these major search engines cover about 90% of all searches(anybody?).

> If you are promoting a specialty site, it's worth it to
>look for a specialized search service. For example, there
>is one search service that only does airplane-related sites.
>Although it's normally useless, if I were promoting a resort
>with a landing strip, or a seller of airplane parts, it would
>be worth submitting to or asking for banner ads on.
> Most of the submission software just hurls submissions at
>all the engines it knows about, to the annoyance of those
>who run the engine and have to weed out the robo-submitted
>crap from the good stuff (like the sites we promote).

Good advice. I should probably start investigating search
engines that focus on the restaurant industry, but does the
general public know about/have access to these specialized
SE's? Is there somewhere a compilation of these SE's?

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