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Re: Domain Host-effect robots?
From Bill at 1s Site Free on 26 July '98
adding to Domain Host-effect robots? posted by Linda Khabaza

>I've submitted my sites to lots of search engines...after months
>i submitted again ... nothing ... Could the host of my site have
>anything to do with it?

Title: Your tag should follow the tag. Your tag contains special characters. Your tag also contains too many caps. These should be removed. Your tag contains none of your keywords. Your Title Tag is 24 characters too long. You should limit it to 60 characters.

Description: Your tag does not your follow tag. On some engines it is important that the Meta Description Tag follows the Title tag. Your tag also contains too many caps. These should be removed. Your tag is 58 characters too long. You should limit it to 150 characters. Your tag contains two tags, these should be removed..

Keywords: Your tag has a line break. This causes some search engine robots to stop indexing as soon as they encounter a line break. Most search engines that use Keyword Meta data to rank their results calculate the keyword density of the document. Keyword word density is the ratio of keywords found in the document compared to the total number of words found on the document. Only words found in the Body area of the document, such as: regular text, title, etc. count in this calculation. Where these words are located will also affect your position. In general, your most important keyword(s) should be the first text that appears on your page, and your next important keywords should appear within the first two paragraphs of your text. Your Keyword Density is low. In addition, having your most important keyword(s) appear in headline tags , , etc. will often give you a higher ranking with some search engines.

I would remove the Meta tag: It could cause old browsers a problem, plus I don't believe it serves any useful purpose.

You may also want to review the information at

Good luck

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