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Re: Domain Host-effect robots?
From Dr. Donald Zvanut at Gold Jewelry on 27 July '98
adding to Re: Domain Host-effect robots? posted by Max


>One problem: you have BR tags in your META description. I'm not sure what it wuold specifically do to a robot, but HTML markup inside a META tagg is illegal. Robot probably hits it and exits on the error.
> Yet another reason NOT to use Microsoft Publisher!

>Also - you'd do better with robots and visitors alike if your front page actually had some text to attract the reader, not just your promo blurbs. What you have created is like a newspaper dedicating the top of the front page to a big "Interesting news is inside!" ad.
>Don't make users click to see specific information about what you have on yuor site: the page you get to after the "Enter Here" click is a far better front page.

MS Publ. is dynamically generated; Robots, spiders will not index them.

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