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Re: help a free site please!?
From Max on 27 July '98
adding to help a free site please!? posted by Kathryn

>I am frustrated. I have a great site (from what others have said) with lots of content. Everything at my site is free. I have a few hits but all of my hits are by word of mouth only or reciprocal links. Can someone check out my site and tell me what I need to do differently?

You DO have good information, but you need to change emphasis.
Most of the problem is this: your main page keywords and title is emphasizing the credit and bankruptcy
aspect: it's an overcrowded niche full of scams (do a search for "credit repair" and you'll see what I mean
... dump that emphasis in favor of "living cheap but good" tip pages and you'll see more success.

The pages that WOULD attract traffic - the "living on the cheap" do NOT have
any META description or KEYWORD tags for the robots to index. Make sure EVERY
page on your site has a descriptive TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and KEYWORDS to suit the

I'd rearrange some content: "living cheap with kids", "living cheap with pets", "eating cheap but good", etc.
... combining information to make focal point pages for child and pet owners. Those you can use as bait for links,
and robots. Some of your hint pages are long and disorganized ... sort the tips (clothing for example) into saving on kids clothes,
making money FROM old clothes, saving on work clothes, etc. and create a little TOC for the page.
Check out pages using keywords like "thrifty, frugal, coupons, economical" along with "living, or housekeeping" and you
will find some like-minded websites to get links or even a "cheapskate housewife's" webring started.

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