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Re: A noframes browser
From NightFly ~* at deadlock Design on 27 July '98
adding to A noframes browser posted by Brian Clifton

>Does anyone know where I can get hold of a browser that does NOT support frames so that I may see what my noframes section looks like?

Hi Brian,

I'm using a text-based browser called Lynx. You can get a
DOS build here ...


I'd also like to say thanks. I visit so many sites using
frames that do not provide no-frame information. To come
across a site like yours that actually provides this
information is a rarity.

While it isn't difficult to find your way around a site
without the no-frame information, it's a bit of an
annoyance. Of course there are also the exceptions to the
rule who won't even let you look at their pages without
a browser capable of reading frames. (www.glassdog.com)

Keep up the good work.

General Information: Lynx is much faster than Opera and
doesn't cost $30. You don't get all the pretty pictures,
but hey, who cares. "Just the facts, ma'am."

Bye ~*

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