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Add/Submit on Yahoo & Excite unavailable?
From Sabrina on 27 July '98
Please excuse if this has already been asked and answered. Perhaps it's just me and my sweet computer (the mac that hates my guts)...or perhaps it's MISE 4.0.

However, I've tried on and off for over a week to add/submit a URL via both Yahoo and Excite. The "words" are there, down at the bottom of the screen, but.......it's greyed out; i.e., no link to even click on to *attempt* to add the sucker.

It's bad enough that it seems to be so discouraging trying to get listed w/Yahoo...but now they're not even gonna give me a chance to TRY? :)

Have Yahoo and Excite simply put some sort of 'hold' on accepting new submissions....or does my computer really have it in for me?


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