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Major URL Question??
From Dr. Donald Zvanut at Gold Jewelry on 28 July '98
My web site at Gemstone Jewelry is an E-comm. site selling jewlery on line.
A have a number of pages and sub-pages with URL's that look like this:
http://www.gemstonejewelry.com/gold%20bracelets.htm When I set up these pages
I set up the URL as http://www.gemstonejewelry.com/gold bracelets.htm
with only a space between the d and the b . After FTPing my files to a
remote server. I have found these %20 as taking the spot of the space.
My specific question is the URL http://www.gemstonejewelry.com/gold%20bracelets.htm
with the %20 going to be indexed as I am now in the process of submitting all of
my sub-pages to the engines. Should I take it out and rebuild my Site!!
Or is it no problem.
I would also appreciate a review of my site giving your opinion of it as
an e-comm. site and any specific recommendations.
Dr. Donald Zvanut
Gemstone Jewelry

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