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Re: Add/Submit on Yahoo & Excite unavailable?
From NightFly ~* at deadlock Design on 28 July '98
adding to Re: Add/Submit on Yahoo & Excite unavailable? posted by Geoffrois

>I have had about a 90% success rate with Yahoo for months. However, recently, I have submitted sites I "Knew" were going to be accepted, but they weren't. Something has apparently changed, possibly as a result of the new affiliation, maybe department turnover, etc. My guess (write this down kids) is that they are going to start selling these listings in some as yet unaaanounced way, and are in the process of jacking up the Market!

Er, there is some general information in the article that
is referenced here ...

What motivates Yahoo!:

I don't know about Excite, but I suspect they're following
the same "Portal" bandwagon. I won't go into the evil that
is AOL and their mindless millions here. Only this ...


Pet peeve: Buzzwords are for the PR people who have no
other way to express something they don't understand.
Like "Portals"

Argh! ~*

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