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Realizing the need to know html
From Linda Khabaza on 28 July '98
I've been using programs like MS Pub to make and publish my website...creating and publishing seemed fairly easy using MS Pub...now i'm having a problem getting listed with search engines so I posted a question in regards to what my suspensions where to why I wasn't being listed...I don't understand the replies to my questions and again I assume it's because I don't know html...you might not to know html to create and post a website, but it sure appears to me you need to know it to anything else! Am I right? And if so, can anyone recommend where to start learning html...I'm confused, I want to learn and certainly don't want to waste folks time asking questions and then not understand their replies...I appologize and admit I don't know as much as I thought I did! Any suggestions? Again, I appologize.

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