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Re: help a free site please!?
From Kathryn at Money Master Web Site on 28 July '98
adding to Re: help a free site please!? posted by Max

>You DO have good information, but you need to change emphasis.
> Most of the problem is this: your main page keywords and title is emphasizing the credit and bankruptcy
>aspect: it's an overcrowded niche full of scams (do a search for "credit repair" and you'll see what I mean
> ... dump that emphasis in favor of "living cheap but good" tip pages and you'll see more success.

But I don't want to be a frugal living web site. That is just a part of what the real emphasis is for me. My main goal is teaching money management and budgeting. In order to do those things well, people must sometimes be frugal and find ways to cut things. That's why I put emphasis on that part of my site and also, why I don't want to break that part of my site down into too much detail. Any ideas for personal budgeting as an emphasis?

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