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Re: Realizing the need to know html
From Max on 28 July '98
adding to Realizing the need to know html posted by Linda Khabaza

>I don't understand the replies to my questions and again I assume it's because I don't know html...
Probably right. It's like when I ask the auto mechanic what's wrong.

>you might not to know html to create and post a website, but it sure appears to me you need to know it to anything else!
You are right. The publishing programs are like training wheels on a bicycle. To go where the big kids go, you need to know
how to build HTML code on your own. It's NOT DIFFICULT!

>can anyone recommend where to start learning html...
http://www.htmlhelp.org/ is a lovely site run by some persons who are also
highly respected members of the group that tries to keep the Web improvements
coming. You couldn't afford to hire them, but they have lots of good
information there for free, nice links to tutorials, etc.
Also search for "The Bare Bones Guide to HTML". It's a bit dated, but it's a
very clear explanation of the concept behind HTML.
Find the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.html.authoring (and the rest of that
cluster ... there's one for CGi, etc.). Lurk there, read the FAQs and you'll
pick up a lot of information very quickly.

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