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New InfoSeek rule?
From BigSleep at The Big Sleep! on 28 July '98
I have never seen this restriction before on a SE.
I have been making alot of new changes on all of my websites, and so
have had to resubmit to all of the SEs. And I go to alot of trouble
to enable all browsers to surf my sites. This is why I use entry
pages with AutoRefresh and also to preload music sometimes.
This also allows older browsers that don't see the AutoRefresh an
opertunity to pick a different entry page.
InfoSeek would not index the page because it uses the META AutoRefresh
they claim this is a spamming technique. And I see many people use
AutoRefresh on their pages, it does serve a purpose, too bad some
have to abuse it. Also one of my sites has moved and I didn't want
to lose it's ranking, of course now InfoSeek will remove it.
Now I will have to make different entry pages for InfoSeek, just more
work for me (like I have the time). It's hard enough to keep the SEs
from listing directory frames, now I have to deal with this.
Does anyone know if there are any other Search Engines that have this
restriction? Please let me know!

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