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Re: help a free site please!?
From MAx on 28 July '98
adding to Re: help a free site please!? posted by Kathryn

>But I don't want to be a frugal living web site. That is just a part of what the real emphasis is for me. My main goal is teaching money management and budgeting.
>Any ideas for personal budgeting as an emphasis?
Start with that (personal money management and everyday budgeting) as the TITLE and in the KEYWORDS, move the credit-card related stuff to a less prominent
position. On the first page, make it perfectly clear that the site is about ALL aspects of personal money management, including budgeting,
managing credit wisely, frugal living or selective extravagance - frugality in some areas means you can splurge where you really want to:),
Then each of the aspects you mention on the first page would get its own sector and pages below that. Make sure each sector has links to
the others at the bottom of the page. You can then promote the sectors, or even individual pages to their best audience and let the internal
links between sectors encourage visitors to check out the rest of the pages. Someone might arrive on a link from a "frugal living" site to
your "frugal living" sector, and decide to check out the "wise credit moves" pages, based on a link they see.

Is that better? I'm wider awake now.

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