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Re: Realizing the need to know html
From Max on 29 July '98
adding to Re: Realizing the need to know html posted by Linda Khabaza

>Thanks so much...I appreciate your patience and kindness...I am going to take all of your suggestions...thanks again! you've all been so kind :) Lin
Lin -
What goes around, comes around ... without the freely offered expertise on the comp.infosystems.www.* newsgroups, I'd never have learned much, and certainly wouldn't have survived my first Web project (back in the early days of the Web - 1995 - I had a boss who just said "go learn how to do this, and the site opens in 2 months". all that lovely expert advice got my tail out of trouble.
If you post there, be sure to read and lurk first. they get a bit grumpy at times, after the gazillionth "how do I create a 'back' button" or other newbie question.

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