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Re: No luck w/ yahoo
From bobking at Searchking - SUPPORT FREEDOM ON THE NET on 31 July '98
adding to No luck w/ yahoo posted by Rafael

Your page looks fine to me. My guess is your not hitting the right button
in one of the suggest a site pages. I would recommend you re-submit being very careful
about filling out all the correct feilds with all the correct info and maybe pointing
out that the category (VERY IMPORTANT selecting the proper category) you would like to be
included is not that big and that your site would greatly benefit anyone needing information
about boat supplies.

Another little tip would be to maybe make a page about boating safety (another area that is a little weak
in my opinion) make the best page you can (linking back to your main page of course)
and in the comments feild point out to Yahoo the fact that your page could
save lives and be a very good contribution to the general well being of the internet at large.

And no - if you didn't get in they won't notify you of s^%!

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