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Re: Realizing the need to know html
From Tania on 31 July '98
adding to Realizing the need to know html posted by Linda Khabaza

>I've been using programs like MS Pub to make and publish my website...creating and publishing seemed fairly easy using MS Pub...now i'm having a problem getting listed with search engines so I posted a question in regards to what my suspensions where to why I wasn't being listed...I don't understand the replies to my questions and again I assume it's because I don't know html...you might not to know html to create and post a website, but it sure appears to me you need to know it to anything else! Am I right? And if so, can anyone recommend where to start learning html...I'm confused, I want to learn and certainly don't want to waste folks time asking questions and then not understand their replies...I appologize and admit I don't know as much as I thought I did! Any suggestions? Again, I appologize.

Try http://www.whywhat.com There's a help file which you can download, unzip, and begin learning just about everything you need to know about HTML. Of course these guys are a great help too, but why not know the basics before you start asking questions.

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