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Who is your top referring search engine?
From Brett on 01 August '98
adding to 'standings' on ESP are wacky posted by P@t

A general question:
who is the top referring search engine to your site(s)?

Here is an approx of both my personal site and
"day job" sites (they both run about the same):

Infoseek 46% (300+ pages indexed)
Webcrawler 12% (50-60 pages)
Yahoo 12% (5 sites listed out of 50-55 trys)
Alta 8-9% (220 pages indexed)
Excite 7% (10 key pages)
Lycos 2% (only god knows)
Hotbot 2% (30 pages - I think)
remaining xx% (misc referrals from meta searches,directories...etc)


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